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Nutrient Content
N = +- 3.3%
P  = +- 7.4%
K  = +- 6.6%

Health to the Soil & City

Co-Composting - transforming waste...

Problem Statement:

1) Market waste is not regularly collected and when it is collected, it creates problems at landfill sites due to space. Anaerobic decomposition also releases large amounts of methane into the atmosphere.  

2) Sewerage treatment sites is vandalized and not properly managed resulting in polluted rivers and water sources.


Co-Composting! We installed trackers on the city's skips trucks which enable us to track which markets are being cleaned. The waste bins, 90% organic , are delivered and sorted at the treatment site. Plastics, glass and metals are recycled to reduce sorting costs. Manure (10%) and treated bio-solids (2%) are added to enrich compost and trigger thermophilic processes. The process is carefully monitored to ensure a proper pasteurization period. The end product offers a solution for sustainable agriculture. See the benefits of compost at 

Currently only waste from 4 of the 49 market places is brought to this site. There is great opportunity to scale this operation to a business 10 times the size. If you are interested to make a bid to take over this operations, please do contact us or keep an eye on the newspapers for a call for proposals.  
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