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Waste NL Supporting Waste Advisers

The Netherland's Support Team

Stan Maessen


Sanitation Team

Stan, besides being a civil engineer, is a specialist on urban environmental management with 18 years of professional experience in infrastructure, sanitation and waste management in Western and Eastern Europe and Asia. His specialization includes: program management, community participation and -partnership; environmental management systems; good governance by local authorities and civil society strengthening. His professional skills include: planning, program development, coaching, project assessment, planning and evaluation, facilitation, training and process management. Stan is based in the WASTE HQs office in The Hague, Netherlands.


Jan Spit


Sanitation Adviser

Jan is an experienced generalist with a warm heart for the content, a good feeling for the processes and a clear eye for solid project management. He specializes in initiating new services and products and shaping projects in a creative way and is leading the emergency sanitation solutions for WASTE. He was educated as a Sanitary Engineer at the Technical University in Delft (1982, Civil Engineering), completed a post-graduate course on business administration in 1999 and became Master Practitioner NLP in 2004.


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